About Us

We in the team of Pioneer Health Assistant since 2014 with a field study on the needs of medicine, treatment, and pharmacy by collecting clinical and clinical data for 5 years and then designing intelligent cloud mechanisms to connect them We were located. Our team of engineers, physicians, statisticians, and elites and experts in various fields of communication work together to improve intelligent mechanisms for diagnosing disease, investigating drug interactions, and analyzing disease. The wide range of products, their variety, and the various services that our team offers make it possible for us to serve a wide range of patients and physicians.

Our Goal

Our goal is to serve all sections of society, to bring the doctor closer to the patient and to eliminate distances, the possibility of using the extensive facilities at the macro level for all people. As a result, our goals are categorized into several categories, including: All people use at least one of our apps for their diseases To receive medical assistance for all sections of society at the lowest cost Macro-level awareness Health monitoring, electronic health record, and disease control Prevent medical error and reduce it to a significant level Easy access for all people in any area.


Mahdi Ramezani

IT Manager

Nima Sharifi


Amirhosein Khoshbin

VP of Product and Software Development

Mohsen Daryabeigi

Business Developer

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