Symptom Checking system


This system collects a large amount of drug information to investigate drug interactions, drug interactions with the disease, drug side effects and conditions, pregnancy class and, etc... . General information about drugs, how they work, and everything you need to know about drugs is included in this system

Support to any mobile model

It can be used for users in both Android and IOS versions

The extent of diagnostic facilities

Gather information on 1000 diseases with more than 35000 specialized questions to diagnose diseases with different probability percentages

Powerful design for your convenience

Easy to use, considering a variety of medication requirements and appropriate alarm gauges for user convenience

Respond to the needs of all walks of life

This system can serve both doctors and medical centers and patients

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Capability and usability of this system

This system displays the output of its diagnosis in the form of a list of possible diseases of the patient (in descending order of probability), as well as specifies the necessary tests for the patient. This system can be used in hospitals, offices and other medical centers (by doctors), as well as ordinary people and patients can use it.

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More Features

Powerful features of this system

This system uses intelligent algorithms of machine learning, decision tree, deep learning, and statistical inference in a fully mechanized manner and diagnoses the disease by examining specialized questions. The features of this system include the following::
1- No need for the patient to communicate with the doctor for the initial diagnosis of the disease
2- Significant increase in the speed of diagnosis of diseases
3- More detailed study and application of treatment protocols
4- Preventing human error
5- Reducing the burden of medical expenses with timely diagnosis

A great web experience that transforms your life

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" After using the symptom, I found out that I had sciatica and I was well diagnosed. "

J. Alizadeh

" Using the tests of this software and its warnings made it possible for me to talk better with my doctor about my name and shortness of breath. "

A. Mousavi

" This software helped me to prevent caries and darkening of my bones in time and to see a doctor for treatment sooner. "

L. Ebrahimi