Welcome to the Pioneer Health Assistant team

We welcome you in our various departments, including the AI department,, Medicine, Front-End, Back -End, data Security, Statistical Computing, Medical Data Collection and Analysis, Android and IOS, Human Resource Management, Ui/UX Design, and E-Commerce .

Our work Culture

When you enter the RNS, the first thing that catches your eye is the interest and interest of the team members. For us, the growth and success of each team member and creating a sense of inner satisfaction, along with learning and success is very important. Our collection is made up of people who love learning, growth, and progress. One of the important pillars that make our team able to move forward with great speed is the support and support of each member of this group from each other. By respecting each other and welcoming ideas and ideas, we create more creativity and innovation every day, move forward faster, work together honestly and empathetically, and create a better work environment. In the continuation of this page, you can see the job opportunities of Pioneer Health Assistant and be a member of this collection by sending your resume.