Neurological diseases

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An intelligent system for diagnosing neurological diseases by neural networks is a completely intelligent mechanism that, due to the vastness of medical science and the increasing spread of various diseases and their high similarity of symptoms - so that doctors have doubts and mistakes diagnosis. - Assists physicians by processing the combination of clinical and paraclinical symptoms - which are the basis of physicians' diagnosis - by artificial intelligence technology and neural networks, provides them with the results of their processing, and allows physicians to use the results provided by The processed computer diagnoses the disease and decides on the patient's condition.

Support to any mobile model

It can be used for users in both Android and IOS versions

The extent of pharmaceutical facilities

Information on more than 100,000 drugs is widely included in this system

Powerful design for your convenience

Easy to use, considering a variety of medication requirements and appropriate alarm gauges for user convenience

Respond to the needs of all walks of life

This system can serve both doctors and medical centers and patients

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Capability and usability of this system

This system is used for the use of patients and physicians as a comprehensive mechanism for the diagnosis of neurological diseases. This system can be used to diagnose, operate tests, perform tests, and check the results. This system can be used in hospitals, medical clinics, doctors' offices. Also, the ease of accessing patient information, examining the person's problems, the lack of need for the physical presence of the person causes that by implementing it, it will be a great help to the community of doctors and patients. A copy of this system is also available to ordinary people (different from the hospital version) to help them go through the desired treatment process and facilitate communication between doctor and patient and speed up the process of the triangle from diagnosis to treatment and thus recovery It gets better

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More Features

Powerful features of this system

1- No need for the patient to see a doctor
2- Significant increase in the speed of disease diagnosis
3- More detailed study and application of treatment protocols
4- Assisting the physician in formulating therapeutic function and correct diagnosis
5- Prevent human error
6- Increasing the speed and quality of providing services to patients
7- Increasing the work efficiency of doctors and spending enough time for each patient in the system
8- Maximum use of medical and therapeutic capacities in order to improve services to patients

A great web experience that transforms your life

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" I suffer from mobility problems, which is one of the problems of MS. For this reason, attending medical centers for periodic visits is very difficult and boring for me. Through the use of this system, communication with doctors and medical centers has become very easy and without any problems for me. "

C. Rava zadeh

" Because of the brain damage caused by my MS, I need to see several doctors during my period visits. Through this system, I can send my treatment files to my neurologist, nutritionist and physiotherapist and not take my medical records with me. As a result, not all physicians have access to our medical history. "

A. Ketabi

" The results of the MRI visit of our course, which should be done by a radiologist to check the condition of my brain, and sent to my neurologist, were done by this system. I got the results very quickly and delivered the analysis to the doctor. My doctor quickly wrote me a prescription and I was able to take my pills without any problems. It was done really fast and without the need for coordination. With just one message in the system, they did their doctorate and wrote our prescription. "

O. Karimi