Pioneer in the field of biotechnology

Innovator and inventor of cloud systems

Combining data science, machine learning,
deep networking in the medical industry

The first example of telemedicine with
extensive facilities

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Why RNS Assistant ?

Pioneer Health ASSISTANT


At Pioneer Health ASSISTANT, we pioneered to be a turning point in the world of engineering and medicine, relying on world-class science in the fields of engineering and the healthcar re industry. We are a pioneer in inspiring, controlling, diagnosing and identifying untreatable diseases, using the latest technologies available and with the help of an integrated team of professionals from the best developers. Our horizons transcend the boundaries of knowledge and creativity, and we strive to facilitate the healing process and provide patients with increased health. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a system that completes the diagnosis cycle until treatment is met with precision and with the supervision of a physician.

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We Create Beautiful Experiences
That creates a happy life

Fully Customizable

Personalization of each system by the individual to meet the needs.

Weekly health assessment

Assessing a person's health based on monitoring mechanisms.

Maintain a history of self-care

Access to electronic health record mechanisms.

Access to services and products

Access to services and products.

Get health points

Selecting doctors with higher scores and scoring them.

Predict problems ahead

Use of intelligent mechanisms of health, prediction and monitoring.

Get a list of possible diseases

Investigate possible diseases and suggest necessary tests.

Contact your doctor

Communication with physicians through messages and intra-organizational communication.

Extent of services

Variety of services for the use of different sections of society.

Ability to record all version items

Access to doctor's electronic prescriptions.

Investigation of drug interactions

Checking drug interactions with each other.

Checking drug interactions with each other

Information on medication, dosage and pregnancy conditions.

Easy pharmacist

Access to the pharmaceutical bank produced in the country.

Diagnosis of neurological diseases

Intelligent diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases.

Free basic services

Access to basic health care is completely free.


We are proud to be ready to serve patients, doctors, and medical centers
by providing a wide range of services in various fields.


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We have won numerous awards based on our extensive capabilities and numerous innovations in the biotechnology and cognitive science industries.

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Latest News

December 10, 2020

Sheikh Baha'i National Festival of Technology

Nima Sharifi

CEO / Founder

October 23, 2020

Winner of The Iranian Festival of Top Theses

Nima Sharifi

CEO / Founder

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