The selected projects of the second StarPosal Festival

The selected projects of the second StarPosal Festival were introduced and appreciated. According to ISNA, at the end of the second National University Entrepreneurship Festival (StarPosal ), which was attended by the judges of the festival, Dr. Mehdi Sojoudi, member of the Technology Council of Science and Technology Park, Dr. Reza Rajaei, CEO of Tarbiat Modares University Research and Technology Fund, Hamed Ebrahimi The development and technology of Tarbiat Modares University Science and Technology Park was held on the campus of this center. In this festival, two projects in the field of agriculture, three projects in the field of health, three projects in the field of industry, and two projects in the creative industries were reviewed. The first plan of the field of agriculture was presented by Fariba Rezaei with the subject of producing a feed additive in animal feed using slaughter ruminal fluid. Due to the shortage of food and food additives in the country, one of the slaughterhouse wastes that is discarded despite having a lot of nutrients is ruminal fluid. Apart from its unique properties, this substance contains large amounts of ammonia and phosphorus, which are highly polluting to the environment. This project reduces environmental pollution by recycling ruminal fluid and provides a useful additive in the livestock industry. The second project in the field of agriculture is the construction of an estrus synchronization drug for livestock, from Tooba Nadri, which is planned based on the breeding and reproduction procedure of livestock. According to this plan, the drug synchronizes the pregnancy of the animal with the mechanism of action on the hormonal system of the reproductive system of the female animal, causing the synchronicity of estrus and hydration of light and heavy animals. The advantages of this drug include shortening the interval of calving per year, managing the time of calving, implementing a bi-calving program for each female sheep or goat in 1.5 years, and better management of the mother and the born calves. The first project in the field of health was the production of anti-marker immunotoxin from Ghasemi's memory. Anti-marker drug is used in the targeted treatment of leukemia. With the slogan of reducing the costs of anti-cancer drugs produced in the country, designers have taken a big step towards solving the problem of high prices of targeted drugs for the treatment of cancer and proper access to these drugs. The second health plan is related to the production of ready-to-use buffer pills by Mohammad Mohaghegh. These ready-to-use tablets are a quick, easy, and convenient way to prepare a variety of buffers and laboratory culture media. As you can save time by technician or researcher by taking these fast-dissolving pills. The third project in the field of health is related to Sensukzia (construction of continuous glucose contact sensor based on magnetic nanoparticles) by Ali Ramezani. Using the sensor in this kit, the blood sugar of diabetic patients is monitored by reporting, modeling, and comparing the patient's history. The first project from the field of industry is related to the portable combustion device of industrial furnaces by Mohammad Zabetian. Furnace combustion monitoring device, with the help of radiation spectroscopy, can detect the proper flame status in the furnace and measure its thermometer above the flame temperature and molten metal temperature with an accuracy of 20 degrees, evaporating the device saves 10,000 contact sensors per year. And while reducing fuel consumption by 35% increases the quality of the product. The second project in the field of industry is related to the removal of nitrate from drinking water and the collection of Saeb Ahmadi. In bioelectrochemical systems, using a weak electric current stimulates microorganisms that are effective in removing nitrates and increases the rate of nitrate removal up to 400% faster than conventional biological systems. Also, the cost of this system is up to 40% lower than conventional methods. The latest design from the field of industry refers to the idea of a vibration stress relief system designed by Mohammad Saleh Sadoughi. The vibration de-stressing method (VSR) is a method to reduce the residual stresses of metal structures that prevent deformation and distortion of the structure over time and increase its useful life. The cost of this method is much lower than the traditional method. Also from the collection of creative industries, two designs were introduced, one of which refers to the identification of driver drowsiness based on modeling the transverse dynamics of the car by Saeed Bostanmanesh. The plan creates a system to identify and diagnose driver drowsiness and behavior, prevent traffic accidents, and bring profitability to insurance companies. The second intelligent disease diagnosis system was the latest design from the creative industries and the last design from the selected designs of the StarPosal Festival, by Nima Sharifi Sadeghi. This intelligent cloud system examines and identifies the early signs of brain diseases, nerves, and drug interactions. This process completely diagnoses patients using artificial intelligence and clinical and non-clinical data. This system helps physicians, patients, and all sections of society to identify, diagnose, and treat diseases.