Sheikh Baha'i National Festival of Technology

Sheikh Baha'i National Festival of Technology, as the first and top technological and creative event in the country, tries to take steps to solve the basic problems and challenges of the country by supporting and encouraging knowledge-based companies. Identifying and introducing successful technology units and technologists to investors as one of the main goals of the festival is a big step for the development of technology and the prosperity of the national economy by supporting the ideas of the knowledge base and the power of our Iranian elite. The Sheikh-e-Baha'i Festival of Technology aims to promote and develop the culture of creativity, innovation, and technology-making, and to identify and encourage Iranian techno-creators around the world, which is held in May every year in Isfahan on the anniversary of the Sheikh-e-Baha'i celebration. Pioneer Health Assistant startup team under the management of Mr. Nima Sharifi Sadeghi participated in this festival and was among the top ten projects and candidates for the final stage of the festival in the field of business.